Protection of valuable natural non-forest habitats typical of the Orle Gniazda Landscape Park

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LIFE07 NAT/H/000321 and LIFE08 NAT/H/000289 sum-up conference in Hungary

The Hungarian city of Veszprem was holding a sum-up conference for two projects: Eastern Bakony – Restoration and conservation of priority habitats and species in the Eastern Bakony area (LIFE07 NAT/H/000321) and Hungarian Little Plain - Restoration and conservation of priority-listed Pannonic sand land habitats in military owned area of the Hungarian Little Plain (LIFE08 NAT/H/000289) between 13-16th May 2014.

Among the participants of the conference were many civil servants such as for example the representatives of Hungarian Ministry of Defence, Balaton National Park or Budapest Forestry Office. Due to the international character of the conference many representatives of institutions interested in nature protection abroad were invited. Two staff members of Silesian Voivodeship Landscape Parks Complex took part in the conference: Artur Wojtasik (head of the Kraków-Częstochowa Upland section) and Piotr Niedbał (Złoty Potok refugium and GIS specialist).

The conference aimed at the exchange of experiences when it comes to active protection of post-war territories. It consisted of two parts: a panel session (day one) and a field session (days 2 and 3). In the panel session the speakers presented the objectives and actions carried out in the course of the realization of the projects and highlighted the most frequent problems experienced during the performance of active protection in military areas. The field session took place in the post-military area of Veszprem and Eastern Bakany. It aimed at presenting effective measures of active protection of the post-military areas in which the habitats of rare and protected species can be found.


panel session

Panel session

exploring the area

Exploring the area

field session

Field session