Protection of valuable natural non-forest habitats typical of the Orle Gniazda Landscape Park

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The construction of the rest points for tourists

In the last quarter of 2013 the construction of the tourism infrastructure allowing channelling the traffic and gathering the tourists in the proper places has been finished.

The infrastructure for tourists was built on the territory of the Smoleń Nature Reserve and in Wodąca Valley (territory of Pilica and Wolbrom districts). The infrastructure was built on 5 sites (Biśnik Rock, Zegarowe Rocks, in Domaniewice, on the Ryczów – Klucze junction and in Strzegowa near Jasna Cave) and includes the total of: 9 roofed tables with benches, 14 rubbish bins, 5 bicycle stands and 13 information boards. The proper channelling of tourist traffic (the construction of rest points, climbing routes, steps and railings) will contribute to the reduction in the damage caused by unregulated traffic of sight-seers: valuable habitats and plant positions will be protected and illegal dumpsites will be eliminated.

In next years rest stops will be built in other areas: Suliszowice, Czatachowa (Żarki district), Ludwinów, Łutowiec (Niegowa district), in Kostkowice at the foot of the Słupsko Hill, in Skarżyce – Okiennik (Kroczyce district), near Skały Rzędkowickie (Włodowice district), in Ryczów (Ogrodzieniec district) and on the Kromołowiec Hill (Łazy district).

The infrastructure will encourage the tourists to use marked out routes and educational trails and will facilitate smooth and steady traffic.