Protection of valuable natural non-forest habitats typical of the Orle Gniazda Landscape Park

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Tree and shrub logging in 2013

The overgrowing of shrubs and trees is the main threat to the landscape and floral values of semi-dry grasslands. The cessation of herding caused the secondary succession of these areas.

The encroaching trees and shrubs cover the rocks which decreases their landscape values and shade the xerothermic plant communities which results in changes in the xerothermic flora, its impoverishment and eventual extinction. The first stage of the logging of trees and shrubs ended at the end of the year.

The action was in areas:

  • Skałki Duże, Skałki Małe, Ostra Górka, Statkowa Góra, Cegielnia Hill (Olsztyn district) in Olsztyn-Mirów refugium;
  • Bukówie Hill, Kazubiec Hill in Trzebniów, hills in Ludwinów and Gorzków (Niegowa district), rocks in Suliszowice (Zarki district) in Złoty Potok refugium;
  • rocks in Łutowiec (Niegowa district), rocks in Piaseczno (Kroczyce district), Skały Rzedkowickie, area in Morsko (Włodowice district) in Kroczyce refugium;
  • rocks in Ryczów (Ogrodzieniec district), area near Kromołowiec Hill in Niegowonice (Łazy district) and near Smoleń – Wypalaniec Hill and Kyciowa Skała (Pilica/Wolbrom district) in Środkowa Jura refugium.

The work involved the removal of the encroaching self-seeded trees and shrubs of the following species: pine, birch, hornbeam, poplar, maple, hazel, cornus and blackthorn. The logging site was cleared from the biomass which was removed from the area of grasslands.

This action will allow the regeneration of the grasslands and more effective grazing. The exposure of once overgrown monadnocks will enhance the landscape value of the region as they are Silesian flagship geological sites. This may contribute to the increase in tourism in the region.