Protection of valuable natural non-forest habitats typical of the Orle Gniazda Landscape Park

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First year of sheep grazing has come to an end

In mid-October the first part of the sheep grazing scheduled in the project came to an end. The grazing will continue on the same sites in 2014 and 2015.

The action took part in the area of the Orle Gniazda Landscape Park in 4 refugia:

- Olsztyn-Mirów refugium: the area of Skałki Duże, Skałki Małe, Ostra Górka, Statkowa Góra, Cegielnia Hill, Lipówki and Biakło Hills and in Góry Towarne;

- Złoty Potok refugium: the area of Suliszowice, Trzebniów (Bukówie Hill and Kazubiec Hill), in Gorzków and Ludwinów (Góra Leszczyny);

- Kroczyce refugium: in Łutowiec, Piaseczno, Rzędkowice, Morsko and on the Bukowiec Hill near Niegów;

- Środkowa Jura refugium: in Ryczów (Łysa Pałka, Grochowiec, rocks near Cisownik, at the foot of Straszykowe Skały and near the cementary), in Wodąca Valley (Kyciowa Skała, Smolegowa Skała and Wypalaniec) and near Kromolowiec Hill in Niegowonice.


24 sheep bought by the coordinating beneficiary were not enough for such vast stretches of land, therefore the majority of the area addressed by the project was grazed with the help of the sheep and goats of the local shepherds. The overall number of the animals involved in grazing exceeded 200.

The shepherds were allowed to use the infrastructure bought by the coordinating beneficiary. It includes: corrals, 2 trailers for the shepherds and 2 trailers used for transporting animals, a tractor, tents used as shelter for the animals, watering units and feeders.